It all began with a passion for motocross at a young age. Growing up the dream was to always start a motocross business with the name "110 Racing". Everyone always asked "how come 110" and I always responded 110 Octane, which is high octane fuel would always make a great name for a company. Fast forward years later and we are here chasing the dream of our 110 Racing Clothing Line.

110 Racing is family owned and operated company; owned by soon to be husband and wife who have a passion for the sport of motocross and love for wild adventures. The 110 Racing Family is excited to offer all athletes with the same passion for this sport, fun and unique motocross jersey's and pants. All motocross clothing is high quality, custom designed in South Florida and will be offered from pee-wee sizing up to adult sizing. 

Our brand extends further than clothing and into the community – bringing together families all over the country, with different backgrounds, adults and kids, and experiences to create a more inclusive culture for all in the motocross community. 

110 Racing was started in 2021 and is a fast growing company located here in the USA. We ship international and are excited to share our custom motocross designs with everyone across the world. 110 Racing not only offers custom fitted jersey's and pants but we also have a fun Lifestyle collection offering tee-shirts and hats made here in the USA.